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Cable color

Introducing the ENGA® HELIX, a unique ceiling light made of 100% recycled polymer from the #Tide ocean.The ENGA® HELIX is manufactured using modern 3D-printing technology, which enables intricate and realistic design details. The lamp is designed to provide a soft, soothing light, creating a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in any room. By utilizing 3D-printing technology powered by solar energy, recycled materials, and local production in Biel, Switzerland, we significantly reduce the ENGA® HELIX's environmental impact.

  • Transparent clear: 50% ocean-bound rPET and 50% industrial multilayer rPET-G

    Transparent pink: 50% ocean-bound rPET and 50% industrial multilayer rPET-G

    White: 100% biodegradable & compostable polymer


    Disclaimer: Due to various factors such as recycled materials, production variations, inconsistent monitors and digital photography, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see on your screen accurately represents the true colour of the product.

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